Philadelphia Airport, Convention and Regulation Info for Limousine Passengers

Airport Commuter Limo and Car Service offers information for our business travelers and limousine customers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you're a first-time visitor to Philadelphia, you may find our Philadelphia overview for luxury tourists useful. Please feel free to call us anytime with questions about Philadelphia or our limo services.

Philadelphia Airport Information:

Airport Commuter provides sedan and limo service to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Philadelphia Airport is one of the top ten busiest passenger airports in the world, located about 20 minutes outside Center City, Philadelphia. PHL has seven terminals: A-West and A-East (the international terminals), and B through F. Terminals B and C include a food court and shopping mall. Limousine service pickup is at Zone 6 on the commercial transportation roadway. You may contact Philadelphia International Airport by e-mail at [email protected]. Online flight information is also available for Philadelphia International Airport.

Philadelphia Conventions and Commerce:

Philadelphia's Convention Center is the Pennsylvania Convention Center (1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 :: 215.418.4700 or 800.428.9000). Located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Convention Center is soon to undergo major expansion. Philadelphia is a national center of law and higher education, with several major universities. Philadelphia is also home to the East Coast headquarters of the United States mint, and major companies such as Comcast, Lincoln Financial Group, Sunoco, Aramark and more. Philadelphia is the fifth-largest city in the United States.

Your Safety as an Philadelphia Limousine Passenger:

Philadelphia limousine service is regulated by the City of Philadelphia; service outside the city is regulated by the State of Pennsylvania. In order to be licensed in Pennsylvania, a limo company must have a "Certificate of Public Convenience" authorizing intrastate service. This requires luxury vehicles with proper equipment, evidence of insurance, and approved tariffs (rates). In the City of Philadelphia, limousine service carriers must register with the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) to obtain a "Certificate of Convenience," must make tariffs (rates) public (with 60 days notice required for changes) and offer equal tariffs to all customers, and must provide proof of insurance and meet annual vehicle inspection requirements. For general information, also see our list of federally regulated minimum requirements for limousine operators, to understand national laws regarding your safety as a limousine passenger.

Your Legal Rights as am Philadelphia Limousine Passenger:

All Philadelphia limousine companies are required to make tariffs (rates) public and offer equal rates to all customers. Prior to booking with a particular Philadelphia limousine company make sure you are clear about all the charges involved in the service. Some common charges you might see are tolls, airport fees, regulatory fees, travel time, holiday surcharges, fuel surcharges, and courtesy cell phone usage charges. All these charges should be clearly stated up front by the limo company and should, of course, apply the particular service you are booking. Being clear on all this information from the beginning will save you time and trouble, and help you to avoid companies with hidden fees and confusing extra charges.