Atlanta Airport, Convention, and Regulatory Information for Limousine Customers

Airport Commuter Limo and Car Service offers useful information regarding limousine and sedan transportation in Atlanta, Georgia. Please feel free to call us anytime if you have more questions! Also check out our Atlanta overview for the luxury tourist.

Atlanta Airport Information:

We provide Atlanta airport limo service to Atlanta's main airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL). Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has 5 terminals, A B C D E and T, connected by train and all served by a single ground transportation hub. During temporary construction, sedan pickup will take place at the South Hourly Parking Deck on the 3rd Level, and stretch limousine pickup will take place at the North and South Parking Decks on the Lower Levels. To reach customer service at ATL, call 1-800-897-1910 or 404-530-7300. The airport also provides useful online wait time tracking services and flight tracking services.

Atlanta Conventions and Commerce:

Atlanta's convention center is the Georgia International Convention Center (2000 Convention Center Concourse, College Park, Georgia 30337 :: 770-997-3566). Atlanta is home to the headquarters of many major corporations, including CNN, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Earthlink, Georgia Pacific, Home Depot, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Nintendo, Siemens, and SunTrust Bank. Atlanta boasts the lowest cost of doing business in the nation.

Your Safety as as an Atlanta Limousine Passenger:

Before you book any limo service in Atlanta, be sure you are dealing with a fully licensed, insured limo company whose drivers all have Georgia limousine chauffeur's permits. Why? All limousine companies in Atlanta and the State of Georgia must be registered with the Georgia Public Service Commission, including proof of insurance. Chauffeurs must carry special permits from the Department of Driver's Services, which are issued after a complete investigation.

Your Legal Rights as an Atlanta Limousine Passenger:

Although rates can be negotiated, limousine travel in Atlanta and the state of Georgia is regulated, and overcharging customers is illegal. Base rates and line items like waiting times, airport gate fees, and taxes and tolls are all subject to maximum tariffs for limousines holding 6 or more passengers. Sedan rates, however, are not regulated. So whatever Atlanta limo company you book with, make sure you find out up front about all charges related to your limousine service. Also note that Atlanta taxi service is regulated locally, not at the state level, so your rights with an Atlanta taxi service may be limited.